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Challenges Our Clients Face

  • Tough to find a knowledgeable realtor for the area. I specialize in the Valley, keep current with new developments and the resale market on both sides of the lake.
  • Many realtors working at real-estate as a partime job, padding retirement income or subsidizing household income, with Audrey Houghton , real estate is our livelihood.
  • Hard to reach or get the process implemented in a timely manner , lack of communication with one realtor doing all aspects of real-estate with Audrey Houghton we have a full team of staff to assist in the process of buying and selling.
  • Thinking you are hiring a knowledgeable realtor and a team member with substantially less experience shows up. When you hire Audrey Houghton you get Audrey Houghton.
  • You want to deal with someone with integrity and professionalism who can get the job done, not knowing where to resource information from, or are not being able to anticipate the obstacles can make the process of buying and selling real-estate stressful- not knowing their options to achieve their goals.
  • Tough to find a Knowledgeable realtor: Our real Estate board covers from Oyama to Peachland , that is the area I specialize in, I have made it a priority to keep current with the ever changing and expanding area. Our customers want a realtor who is knowledgeable of the area not just one side of town or just one segment of the market.

We have made real-estate our business, our full time business, we are not in the business padding our retirement or supplementing household income by doing this part time.

Our clients have investments in different areas and relocate from one side to the next and we need to be able to be just as knowledgeable in one neighbourhood as we are in the other.

No communication or very little:

Through RE/MAX and through the way our own team is structured we have a full time staff to assist in the resourcing and implementation promptly.

Not knowing where to resource information from or not being able to anticipate the obstacles can make the process stressful for our customers.

Not knowing their options, in how to proceed in buying or selling a home.

We live and work in a diverse community, land leases , strata’s, financing options.