Step 1
We meet with you at your convenience and review your requirements & time frame

Step 2
We will access your needs and advise you. We supply the appropriate information which will help, you determine best course of action.

Step 3
Once your decision is made and the plan approved we proceed to oversee all aspects of your purchase or sale.’

It is our goal to help our customers fulfill their financial and home ownership dreams. We believe buying and selling real-estate is not about sales but being able to assist our customers with resourcing information and educating them on the market, inventory so they are making their decisions with confidence.

We are thorough and reliable in being able to assist in supplying and resourceing the appropriate information.

When you call Audrey Houghton you get Audrey Houghton, not a team member with substantially less experience pricing or negotiating the value of your home or purchase.

We look after the details and implement your choices from start to finish.